Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam "Development Islamic Community"

Prosses of Development Islamic Community[1]

The mayority of people in Indonesia are Muslim. Unfortunately, the mayority of Muslims are poor. For example, there are about 80 millions of poor people. (Kompas, 7 August 1998 and Republika, Desember 1998).
Rasulullah saw. told us that destinution can be unbeliever. And Ali Ibn Thalib also told that destitution is biggest dead.
To minimize destitution, in Muslim, must to do step and it is Development Islamic Community. Development Islamic Community is model  empirical to develop individual and collective in good deed dimension. Object individual is every Muslim with orienty of effort human resource. Object collective is group or Muslim group with orienty of develop system community. Object constitutional is Islamic organization and institution social with orienty of development quality and Islamic institution.
Activity of Development Islamic Community include basic activity. For example, transformation and Islamic institution to realize of Islam.
1.      Delivery concepts of Islam about social life, economy, and maintance area.
2.      Stabilitacy institution and prepare community to establish independently.
3.      To guide a solve about social problem, economy and community area.

In globalization, there are biggest and basic alteration: economy, politic, and culture. In economy area, there are free trade and coorporate regional and international. Alteration of structural economy can change life community. In politic area, prosses of globalization is prosses of democrate, whereas in culture area there is big wave and it is global culture.
According Druker’s  opinion that if economy, politic and culture have not done, Islam community will down be the proletariats who life in modern periode.

[1] Referensi: Dra. Nanih Machendrawaty, M. Ag., Agus Ahmad Safei, M. Ag. 2001. Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam. Bandung: Remaja Rosdakarya.

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